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We have several offers designed for you, each of which will help you connect with your Self and unearth your creative energy. Here’s how Mindful + Pratique can help you:

Explore the Pathways

Take a guided journey through the psyche. Learn to tap into and hone in on your innate character strengths. Choose from one of six pathways or take a quiz to find which is best for you.

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Choose from several recorded workshops spanning various art and yoga techniques. Sign up for a live workshop and enjoy the interactive space, or purchase a pre-recorded workshop and go at your own pace.

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We offer several free resources to help you take the first step towards well-being. Our free resources include exercises and practices that you begin in minutes. Wellness is just a few clicks away…

Our Workshops

Live and pre-recorded workshops

Connect with your heart and reignite your soul. Enjoy a curated workshop that explores various art and yoga experiences.


“I’ve been looking for a new way to approach self-care. I love the combination of mindfulness, yoga, art-making, and life-planning! I also like that I can go at my own pace.”

The Pathways

A guided program for transformation







Designed to guide you slowly through the process of awakening, awareness and coming home to Self, the Pathways are our signature programs that incorporate mindfulness practices, art and artistic performance techniques with a character-building process. There are six different pathways, each designed to develop and nurture a particular character strength.

If you’re unsure which pathway is for you, take our Pathways quiz.

Your Guide to Lasting Well-being 

Mindful + Pratique was born from a lifetime of learning the art and science of holistic well-being. Our methods draw from many worlds; from the teachings of traditional psychology to the practices of mindfulness and the experimental, explorative and expressive modes of visual and performance art.

Bringing these three disciplines together, we’ve developed several tools, techniques and teachings to guide people along their path to personal power. Our work is rooted in psychology, our methods are developed by experts. Will you be our next success story?

If you’re looking to create lasting well being in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

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