3 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids

by | Mar 13, 2022

Teaching Mindfulness to Kids


Teaching mindfulness to kids supplies them with amazing tools for their lives. The younger a person learns about mindfulness, the better. Being mindful allows for stress reduction, emotional regulation, and even decreases in anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the moment here and now. When we are mindful, we are focused on our current thoughts and feelings and able to think before we act. For kids, this can be immensely helpful and can decrease tantrums and acting out.

Let’s take a look at three exercises for kids that can teach and strengthen mindfulness. 


3 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids


  1. Mindful Eating- Have your kids close their eyes and place a healthy snack (like popcorn or a carrot) in their hands. With their eyes closed, they can then feel the texture of the snack and discuss the specific things they are feeling. They can then smell the food and discuss what it smells like without actually guessing what the snack is. Have them take a bite of the food and chew slowly. Have them describe the taste, the texture, and how it feels to eat it. Ask for descriptions without guessing what the food is just yet. Ask if it tastes good, and then let them take another bite. When they have finished the snack, they can open their eyes and then talk about what they actually ate. This is a great way to build mindfulness and focus.
  2. Mindful Breathing- Ask how your kids are feeling before starting, then have them close their eyes and take a deep breath in through their nose and all the way down into their belly. Have them hold the breath for a second, and then let it out slowly. Ask them if the air was warm or cold going in and if the temperature of the air changed when going back out. Ask if they noticed any smells when they breathed in. Ask how they are feeling after that breath. Then have them repeat the process for five deep breaths. Ask how they are feeling afterwards. 
  3. Mindful Heartbeat Meditation- Have your kids close their eyes and ask them if they can feel their heartbeat. If they can’t guide them to bring the fingers to their pulse point at their neck or wrist to find their heartbeat. Ask them if their heartbeat is slow or fast, and ask if it slows down as they take deep breaths. After a few minutes, have them open their eyes and talk about how they feel.