3 Reasons to Teach Yoga to Kids

by | Jan 16, 2022


Teaching Kids Yoga Classes


Did you know that teaching a kids yoga class is incredibly beneficial for all involved? The yoga benefits for children are numerous, and each class will leave students with many tools and techniques for working through big emotions. 

You can see just why it’s so important to have more kids yoga teachers in the world.

So, what is yoga for kids and why should you start teaching it?

Let’s look at five reasons to teach kids yoga below to learn more about why you should begin teaching it today!


Three Reasons to Teach Kids Yoga



  1. Helping Children Work Through Big Emotions- When you teach a kids yoga class, you are introducing kids to multiple techniques for working through stress and big feelings. For kids, it can be overwhelming to go through these emotions without tools to properly manage them. When you teach a kids yoga class, you are providing children with tools that they most likely will not learn anywhere else. From mindfulness techniques to deep breathing, you will be leaving a huge impact on the children you work with.
  2. Providing a Space to Move and Have Fun- Sitting still is not something that is easy for kids, and it shouldn’t have to be! Kids need a safe space to properly move around and be loud. In kids yoga, sitting still is not necessary. Children can talk about their feelings, play games, and move their bodies! You also might include chanting (such as singing OM) and singing songs. Meditation might involve moving around and/or identifying out loud what is being visualized. This is very different from a regular yoga class for adults, and this contrasts greatly to a regular class in school that children must sit through. Let them have fun and let them move around.
  3. Increasing Concentration in Kids- Focusing can be difficult for children. Sitting still and listening as a teacher talks is not a natural skill, but our society has made it a requirement. Kids yoga has actually been proven to increase focus and concentration in kids. By allowing them a space to move and be silly, and teaching important mindfulness techniques, when it is time to sit and learn, having these tools will be so helpful! Meditation also increases the ability to focus on one thought at a time, and this translates to learning as well. This also decreases frustration in kids who have trouble concentrating. You can provide this gift through teaching kids yoga.


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