A Guide to Yoga for Preschoolers

by | Jan 23, 2022

Preschool Yoga


Did you know that preschool age kids can reap many benefits from practicing yoga? In fact, a lot of schools are even beginning to integrate and teach yoga techniques as part of their curriculum. With all of the benefits that yoga has to offer, it makes sense that people of all ages should be doing it. However, the earlier one starts practicing yoga, the better. Having yogic tools from an early age provides one with the necessary lessons to go about everyday life while understanding how to work through big emotions.


What is Included in Yoga for Preschoolers?


A preschool yoga class will be filled with fun, movement, and activities. Unlike the type of yoga that adults are used to, yoga for young kids is meant to be engaging and exciting. This means that you will not see a lot of sitting around in a preschool yoga class.

Instead, you are likely to see:

  • Stories- Yoga stories are so much fun. Whether reading from a book or making up the story on the spot, poses can be integrated into the story to keep kids up and moving. For example, you might tell a story about taking your dog for a walk and then incorporate downward facing dog pose, upward facing dog pose, and puppy pose.
  • Songs- Preschool yoga might even involve yoga songs. If the teacher does not have access to kids yoga music, they might instead pick a kids song and incorporate poses just like they would with a story
  • Chanting- The same way that we might chant “OM” in a yoga class, kids may very well do the same thing. Kids love to be loud and to make silly noises, but what they don’t realize is the benefits they are receiving through chanting. Whether chanting “OM” or one of the bija mantras (one-syllable sounds that are repeated), the activity remains fun. These sounds cause a buzzing sensation that moves up through the roof of the mouth and into the sinuses, running throughout the channels of the body, and activating the nervous system. When this happens, the nervous system is actually given the signal to relax, so this is a very useful practice to have. This is the same reason that people of all ages chant during yoga.
  • Repeating Mantras- Kids can also repeat mantras such as, “I am great” or “I am amazing” or “I spread joy.” These can be repeated out loud, whispered, or thought in one’s head. Incorporating movement (like opening and closing the hands or wiggling the fingers) with each phrase can help keep hyper kids focused on the activity.
  • Breathing Techniques- Deep breathing is so important when it comes to yoga. What most people do not realize is just how many different breathing techniques yoga has to offer, especially when it comes to kids. These might include lion’s breath, bumble bee breath, belly breath, taco breath, ocean breath, and so much more.
  • Meditations and Visualizations- When teaching meditations to kids, there will often be a lot of visualizations involved. Whether doing a body scan or imagining walking through a forest, focusing the thoughts of imagery can help to keep kids’ attention for longer. Meditation is so very important for people of all ages and can really help to increase mindfulness, focus, behavior regulation, and so much more.


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