Easy Kids Yoga Sequence to Keep Them Engaged

by | Feb 27, 2022

Yoga Sequencing


A yoga sequence is when multiple poses are linked together to create one flow of a practice. There are many ways to create a yoga sequence, and by having one fluid practice, it makes it easy for students to quickly move from one pose to another while having these movements make sense.

Having a yoga sequence for children is not much different from sequencing for adults. A kids’ yoga sequence can even be the same as a regular one, or it can involve more movements and fun ways to keep kids engaged.


Sun Salutations


One of the easiest and fun yoga sequences to teach is sun salutations. A sun salutation is a group of specific poses linked together to create one flow in order to ‘salute the sun.’ This typically includes about twelve poses, but it can range to include less or more. There are many varieties of sun salutations.

The most commonly practiced version of sun salutations is Sun Salutation A. There are also variations such as Sun Salutations B and C, and these can keep the practice exciting and fun for all, adding constant movement.

You might start out by warming up with a Sun Salutation A and then transitioning into a B or C after. You might even make up your own variations of the practice.


Let’s take a look at what poses are involved in a Sun Salutation A, and how you might make these fun for kids:

  1. Mountain Pose- “Stand up as tall as you can with your arms by your sides like a mountain. Keep your feet planted on the ground. Mountains don’t move.”
  2. Upward Facing Arms- “Now reach for the sky! Can you reach for the clouds? How about even higher? Can you grab the stars? Can you make a wish on those stars?”
  3. Forward Fold- “Now Touch your toes. Hang forward and swing side to side. Make your upper body limp like a spaghetti noodle!”
  4. Half Fold- “Come up halfway and shine your heart out in front of you. Say hi to anybody you see!”
  5. Jump Back into Plank Pose- “Let’s jump back now! Yay! Let’s do a blank. Keep your hips tucked and your hands and toes on the ground. How long can you make your body? Can you be super still like a plank of wood?”
  6. Cobra Pose- “Now let’s come down to our bellies and then flow up and ‘hiss’ like a snake. Ready? Hissssss. Oh my goodness that was great. You almost scared me. I thought you were real snakes!”
  7. Downward Dog- “Tuck your toes and press up and back. This is Downward Dog. Let’s pretend to be dogs. ‘Woof! Woof!’ Great job!”
  8. Jump Forwards into Forward Fold- “Let’s be like noodles again. Great job! Can you be even more like noodles? Make your upper bodies super wiggly.”
  9. Upward Facing Arms- “Now reach for the sky again! Can you grab some sunshine this time? Warm your hand with the sunshine!”
  10. Hand to Heart Center- “Now let’s bring the sun to our hearts and warm ourselves up. Great job!”


As you can see, we took a basic yoga flow and made it fun and engaging in the example above. With any yoga sequence, you can alter it to be fun for kids. You can also add your own spin to sun salutations to include new poses as well. Have fun and keep the practice engaging for all!