by | Jan 12, 2022



Can you remember a time in your life when you felt a deep sense of connection, wholeness, and belonging? Throughout our lives there have been times when we have experienced a deeper sense of connectedness, fulfillment, and joy than we ordinarily find.


Most likely those extraordinary moments of deeper wisdom, love, and aliveness came unexpectedly. The moment may have happened randomly. If you allow yourself to reconnect with the memory of that special experience when you were full of vitality and happiness…you can feel the flow and harmony of everything around you.


You may have felt a strong mind-body connection, were fully awake and present which allowed you to focus on the experience itself. Unfortunately, those moments are somewhat rare for all of us because our attention is pulled many directions at once, day after day in many cases. We live in a world that has an accelerating rate of uncertainty, and with the challenges placed upon us, we often feel stressed, anxious, and drained.


How do we calm and clear our minds so that we can be inspired, creative, and generally more resilient and positive? Why is a mindful practice important? So often, we dismiss the subtle sensations in our body or faint echoes in our mind that are attempting to tell us to slow down. Perhaps it is a matter of an unresolved conflict or simply general anxiety that is present in our lives, yet easy to ignore.


This is the time that meditation, healing, and relaxation are being celebrated and sought after to improve the overall functioning of our health, relations with others, our connection to nature, and to cultivate more harmony and balance in our lives.




With the ongoing stress and uncertainty of today’s world, having a strong understanding of the set of beliefs that influence how you understand the world and your Self can help to ground you and is vital to supporting your overall well-being. By developing a mindful practice, you establish a routine or set of activities that cultivate positive aspects of how you think, feel, and act, which pave the way for you to return to a state of being, where you are able to allow yourself to experience those remarkable, illuminating moments in your life where your mind and body felt in sync and you were able to enjoy your everyday life and work toward goals with clarity and energy.




What is a mindful practice? A mindful practice is experiential which means the basis for learning is through experience. It is a series of activities (or just one) that one engages in on a regular basis. Similar to committing to a daily cardio or dietary routine to achieve physical goals, a mindful practice includes one or more activities that foster a balanced Self. What does that mean? The Self can be thought of as the essence of who you are, your identity, and/or personality. Similar to a mindset, it is malleable and able to be shaped through specific methods that cultivate good habits to strengthen aspects of who you are.




A value refers to a thing that has importance to us, and guides the characteristics and actions that encourage and inform our decisions. For instance, perhaps you value creativity. You might think that it is always important to be innovative and unique in personal and professional settings. Or perhaps you value humility. You may often avoid acknowledging or sharing your accomplishments with the public.

It is important that you understand which values matter to you. Everyone has a unique set of values and human beings have a long-standing history of feeling good when their decisions align with their values. Your values can inform anything from small daily decisions about how you structure and prioritize your day, to larger decisions like adopting a child or dropping a successful corporate job to pursue creative writing.




In this fast-paced, hectic world, it is important to remember and even change and/or cultivate specific values to help you create a mindful practice that helps you navigate shifting contexts. The development of our values offers an advantage for increasing our resilience and well-being in complex times like these. Through identifying and refining your set of values and developing a mindful practice, you are better prepared to navigate the complexities and stresses of modern life.





The mission of Mindful + Pratique is to spread joy and resilience in the world by helping individuals discover and cultivate their values through an experiential process known as Symbolic Transformation.