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Give the Gift of Yoga, No Matter the Age.

Become a certified children’s yoga instructor and teach the future generations social and emotional tools to manage stressful situations that they’ll use for life.

7.1% of children aged 3-17 years are diagnosed with anxiety

In today’s world, children are facing growing pressures: demanding school schedules, overexposure to technology, the distraction of the internet, and self-imposed expectations can leave children feeling restless, listless and disconnected.

Without intervention, the right care, and proper attention, the pressures of today will become the problems of tomorrow, and our future generations will fall victim to mood disorders, stress, and other developmental and social-emotional problems.

Imagine a world where:

  • Children know how to self-soothe, manage stress and anxiety, and can calm their nervous system even in difficult situations
  • Children feel comfortable expressing themselves freely, even with difficult emotions
  • Children make and keep healthy and lasting friendships
  • Children feel confident in their bodies and their abilities
  • Children can resist social pressure and make appropriate decisions for themselves
  • Children play, express their creativity, and enjoy happy, healthy childhoods
  • Children can gain awareness of what others are feeling and have the ability to use conflict resolution skills
  • Children develop and nurture an understanding of their strengths and uniqueness
  • Children’s mental, physical and emotional well-being are balanced

Little Sage Yoga

An interactive online certification program that equips you with the skills to teach fun and exciting yoga classes to children.

Learn how to facilitate yoga, mindfulness, and creative art expression for children. Through Little Sage Yoga, you’ll be fully equipped to deliver an interactive learning experience for kids, engaging them with a collection of poses, games, deep relaxation, meditation, and much more. This virtual training features a multitude of learning resources including, but not limited to, videos, workbooks, quizzes and live demonstrations.

Keep children entertained while equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate big emotions during their vital developmental years. Join the Little Sage Yoga kids yoga teacher training today!

What Makes Our Training Unique?

We incorporate lessons of our M+P methods and character strengths, combining them with yoga techniques to offer SEL and mindfulness resources in order to help children throughout all stages of development.

Little Sage Yoga is taught using a Mindful + Pratique methodology called Symbolic Transformation. Drawing from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and creative and expressive arts, Symbolic Transformation becomes a tool for expanding awareness, deepening a sense of self and creating a powerful relationship with the outside world.

When applied to children, Symbolic Transformation draws from the lens of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), helping children and youths develop self awareness, relationship skills and hone their innate character strengths.

By enrolling in Little Sage Yoga, you’ll learn this unique methodology and will be equipped to enrich these aspects within children. Little Sage Yoga is more than a yoga training course. This program will give you the tools to connect with children and set them up for success!

What’s included:

During the 2-week training, you’ll learn several yoga techniques and artistic expression processes. You’ll learn how to foster the following 24 character strengths in children.




Social intelligence

All classes are virtual and run for a total of six hours per week (three hours on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively). Each character strength has one full hour of training, with each lesson comprising yoga instruction, creative expression/integrating art training and the character strength overview.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Be equipped to teach kids yoga
  • Know how to plan and facilitate a kids yoga class
  • Develop key character strengths in children, such as empathy, kindness, and much more
  • Facilitate art and creative exercises with kids
  • Know yoga philosophies and concepts and be able to share them with children
  • Help children develop healthy habits, mindfulness, and a relationship with themselves
  • Have confidence in communicating with and teaching children

Who Is This Certification For?

During the 2-week training, you’ll learn several yoga techniques and artistic expression processes. You’ll learn how to foster the following 24 character strengths in children.

  • You’re currently a yoga teacher looking to expand your offering
  • You’re studying yoga and want to learn a new skill
  • You’re a parent and want to teach your children ways to manage stress and navigate their world
  • You’re an educator who wants to bring a new dynamic into your classroom
  • You have no prior yoga experience but would love to teach mindfulness to children and further your own mindful practices

How it Works

Once you’ve enrolled and the certification begins, you will meet twice a week for a live training with your instructors, Alena and Lindsay. You’ll get your very own workbook to use throughout the duration of the program. Once you’ve completed the coursework, the final step is for you to send a video submission of you teaching a class.

If Little Sage Yoga Sounds perfect for you, enroll now!

Meet Your Instructors

Say Hello to Alena

Mindful+Pratique founder, Alena, holds a PHD in Educational Psychology, along with years of research in social-emotional learning, visual and performance art, and a long-standing practice in meditation. As a mother who regularly engages her daughter in mindfulness methods, yoga poses, and art-making activities, Alena brings real experience with tangible results to the Little Sage Yoga program.

Meet Lindsay

Published author, yoga instructor, blogger and wellness coach, Lindsay joins you on your Little Sage Journey as your coach. Holding several yoga teacher training certifications, including a Children’s Yoga Certification as well as an Associates of Arts in Early Childhood education, and her Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (focusing in Health Science and Education) Lindsay is prepped and ready to take you on this incredible learning experience!

Bonuses Included

  • Access to a private online community of supportive peers
  • 25% off a Mindful + Pratique Pathway

Enroll in the Little Sage Yoga
children’s yoga teacher training today!

Little Sage Yoga Kids Yoga Certification (25 Hours)

2 weeks of live training in yoga and creative art expression
Access to course materials
Access to a private Facebook group community
Monthly live trainings with Lindsay and Alena
25% off any Mindful + Pratique Pathway
2 free pre-recorded workshops

Pay in Full

$500 (save $100)

3 Monthly Payments



I am very busy and worried I don't have enough time. What is the time commitment for the program?
Like any investment, what you put into this program is what you’ll get out! We recommend setting aside 12 hours per week. Although 12 hours per week seems like a lot, the program is only two weeks. We have also designed this program to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time.

The virtual live training sessions are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. These live sessions are six hours each day with a lunch break in between. In total, the entire program is 24 hours plus an hour of homework.

What if I can’t attend the live trainings?

All of the training sessions are recorded. If you cannot attend a live class, you can access the recorded session and complete the tasks in your own time.

I'm already a qualified yoga teacher. How will this program help me?

Completing a 200-hour certification (or more) usually doesn’t involve training around yoga for children. Little Sage Yoga is a very specific certification in kid’s yoga that’ll complement your 200 hour YTT certification. As well as learning how to teach children yoga poses, you’ll also learn how to facilitate art activities and also foster character strengths within them.

Will I get a certification?

After completing this 25 hour Little Sage Yoga training, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Mindful + Pratique / Little Sage Yoga. You will then be eligible for the 95 hour certification, which is certifect via Yoga Alliance.  Once you have your 200 hours with Yoga Alliance, and have taught the required number of classes, you can advance your credentials to include being a registered children’s yoga teacher (R-CYT) through Yoga Alliance.

What do I need to bring to the classes?

Bring your readiness to learn, a yoga mat, and a writing utensil and paper (or a prefered way to take notes). The art activities require basic materials which will need to be purchased or sourced beforehand. A list of materials and supplies will be provided to you in advance of the training sessions. Please also have either the digital workbook available or bring the printed version (a copy will be mailed to you).

Begin your kids yoga journey today!

Enroll in the Little Sage Yoga certification and make a lasting impact on children’s lives.

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