Membership Options

Mindful + Pratique offers 4 membership options that invite you to explore and support your journey as you develop your unique path to creative living and well-being. Receive access to the M+P video library, discounts to LIVE workshops, and invitations to interactive gatherings that explore the process of Symbolic Transformation.


M+P Membership

The M+P membership program is perfect if you want to experiment with different approaches of fostering well-being in your life! M+P takes a transdisciplinary approach to support your path to positive self-transformation. The M+P membership invites you to engage and participate in a variety of the Mindful + Pratique workshops and videos (art-making, mindfulness and yoga, family/child workshops). You will be introduced to the process known as Symbolic Transformation and have an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools that support a creative approach to well-being.

CREATE MembershiP

The Create membership program provides guidance and support in learning new artistic skills and engages you in creative expression and art-making. The Create membership program is perfect for artists and individuals that are interested in developing authentic approaches to expressing internal reflections through external form. Each live M+P Create workshop is led by a trained artist that introduces you to the process of Symbolic Transformation, and shares knowledge and expertise on a variety of artistic methods.

CONNECT Membership

The Connect membership program introduces you to mindfulness and somatic practices that support physical well-being, as you engage in experiential activity while fostering joy and resilience. Mindfulness and experiential engagement with theories around human strengths are introduced as you engage in the process of Symbolic Transformation through mindfulness and yoga methods. An experienced yoga practitioner guides you through activities that cultivate social-emotional intelligence, regulate attention, and foster somatic awareness. 



M+P JUNIOR Membership

Little Lotus invites your child (and you!) to engage in yoga and mindfulness practices. Each live M+P Junior workshop is led by a passionate instructor that allows children to interact directly with both the teacher and other students. Kids can ask questions and have conversations, promoting learning while having fun! All live workshops and videos are designed to cultivate mindfulness, stress management, and include relaxation techniques. The activities involved will introduce kids to tools and lessons that are imperative to the overall mind and body well-being for children.

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