Your road to well-being

In order to exist in the world, we need health, wellness and mental resilience. We developed the Pathways to help you navigate your journey to well-being. There are six pathways available. Within each, you’ll be introduced to various tools and techniques designed to help you foster growth of a particular strength you already have. Either choose your own pathway or take the quiz to find which is the right one for you.

The Process

Each of the six Pathways uses a 4-phase process of Symbolic Transformation. You’ll be introduced to various practices born from mindfulness, psychology and art, curated to help you explore and express an intrinsic key character strength.

Phase 1: CONNECT

In phase 1, we help you connect your internal and external world. Through guided meditations and gentle movement practices, we introduce mindfulness-based stress exercises to re-establish the mind-body connection.

Phase 2: REFLECT

In phase 2, we deepen your sense of internal awareness and help you establish a ritual or practice. We use various creativity sparking activities, namely writing exercises, to help you reignite your sense of imagination and curiosity.

Phase 3: CREATE

In phase 3, we guide you along a journey into the arts and help you deepen your relationship with your creative self. Get ready to get messy; here, you’ll learn to express yourself.

Phase 4: BECOME

In phase 4, we help you integrate your learnings as you step into a renewed sense of Self. We help you deepen the character strengths you’ve developed over the program, and create an individual plan that sustains your well-being.

By the time you complete a Pathway you’ll have:

  • A deep understanding of how your mind and body function as a whole
  • Awareness of Self, and an ability to tap into your power at any time
  • Tools to help you destress and calm your nervous system
  • Artistic and movement-based practices to help you connect with your inner being
  • A renewed sense of who you are and your purpose
  • An individual plan designed specifically for you to help you maintain inner peace

Pathway 1: DISCOVER

We are experimental beings living an experiential existence. The world is full of many wondrous things, and we are privileged to have opportunities to explore them all. Some people have many interests and are always absorbing the world around them. This curiosity, this inhibition, this lack of fear of the unknown is a quality that can be deepened.

Take this Pathway if:

You want to take your creativity and curiosity to new heights.

Pathway 2: CHARIOT

At moments throughout our lives, we are called to action, called to take a stand, called to help others in need. Some possess a natural sense of bravery and can stand courageously in themselves. Others may need to nourish this side and learn to channel their zest for life and vitality.

Take this Pathway if:

You want to explore your sense of natural courage.

Pathway 3: CONNECTOR

Unconditional love is the life force of all life on earth, but some people connect to this energy easier than others. Where some people love openly, feel deeply and have a natural kindness about them, one that overflows beyond their direct circle, into the lives of their communities and society, others feel more constricted and need a little encouragement to let this loving energy flow through them.

Take this Pathway if:

You want to expand your capacity to love or you want to return your flow of love to yourself.

Pathway 4: MENTOR

Justice, fairness and equality are pillars of society, and some people feel so strongly that they’ve adopted these values as their own. Other people may need attention in this space, a bit of light shed here, to help them connect with a sense of personal truth, and give them encouragement for standing in their power and living authentically.

Take this Pathway if:

You want to improve your decision-making abilities and expand your perspectives.

Pathway 5: BALANCE

Duality and dichotomy are universal principles, and naturally, as humans, we carry this same current. On the road to balance and harmony, practicing humility and forgiveness can be challenging for some, but this is an art that can be learned.

Take this Pathway if:

You want to maintain a sense of personal harmony without people-pleasing or losing yourself to another.

Pathway 6: Guide

Optimism and gratitude are motivating forces for moving through the world, but some people don’t connect to these emotions as effortlessly as others. There is a way to tap into this energy and make its presence a standard in everyday life.

Take this Pathway if:

You feel like you have a deeper sense of purpose, that you’re a spiritual being or have a soulful quality, and want to deepen this side of yourself.

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