How strong do you stand in the face of adversity?

The MENTOR Pathway
includes the strengths of Fairness, Honesty, Justice, and Perspective.

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You’re drawn to energies of fairness and equality. Respect is of key importance to you, and the concept of justice sits strongly in your soul. But are you leaning too much into this energy, or are you not exploring it enough?

Some people are naturally drawn to these concepts, but others may find these to be tougher emotions to express, and would really benefit from guided processes to grow these skills. Whether you seek a new approach to these emotions or aim to develop them, the Mentor Pathway will show you how.

By the end of this journey, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of respect, justice and fairness
  • Learn more about how these concepts play into your life
  • Know how to approach discussions, events, scenarios and more with an expanded perspective
  • Learn how to relate to others better
  • Know how to speak up and assert your boundaries

Challenge your personal level of perseverance, nourish your ability to be courageous, discover ways to be more resilient and learn how to channel your zest for life and share your vitality.

This offer includes :

  • 4 interactive workbooks where you will explore the strengths of Fairness, Honesty, Justice, and Perspective.
  • 4 interactive Yoga workbooks that introduce ways to deepen your understanding of each strength through somatic movement
  • 4 pre-recorded Yoga workshops that will guide you through an asana sequence that teaches you how to mentally and physically activate each strength
  • 4 interactive art workbooks that teach you how to use contemplative methods to artistically explore each strength
  • 4 pre-recorded CREATE series workshops that will expand your artistic skills and lead to valuable insights about each strength


“An extremely calming, meditative way to spend some time grounding yourself!”

– Stephanie

“I went into this workshop thinking I would just pick up some new art skills, but I walked away with a renewed connection to self. I learned that by checking in with myself, I can tap into creativity and vision I didn’t know I had. I can’t wait to keep up this practice and explore some more!”

– Mariam

“I very much enjoyed a new concept on self care and look forward to seeing what happens next.”

– Crystal

Plus get an audio file of Alena’s CONNECT meditation

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4 interactive workbooks exploring the strengths of Justice, Fairness, Honesty, and Perspective

4 interactive Yoga workbooks that deepen your understanding of each strength

4 pre-recorded Yoga workshops

4 interactive art workbooks to artistically explore each strength

4 pre-recorded art workshops

Plus an audio meditation to guide you through the CONNECT phase

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