DISCOVER Crystal Energy Set

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When you are dealing with any confusion or brain fog this Discover Set will be very beneficial to breaking through any mental clouds and regaining clarity. The amethyst will help you connect to your intuition and help you clarify where your focus needs to go. Fluorite will help you to direct and calm your mind so you can hear your intuition more clearly. Clear Crystal Quartz will amplify the energy and intentions and give you and the other gems you are working with a special super charge.

Stones included are: Amethyst, Clear Crystal Quartz, and Fluorite.

Includes carrying pouch and grounding card

Weight: .7lbs

Due to the unique nature of these one of a kind hand-selected natural pieces, the exact color and clarity received will vary which only adds to its uniqueness. Please see group photo for example of color range and shape. Note Fluorite ranges in color from green to purple.

Origin: Assorted



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