Resilience Package

The Resilience Package includes 3 interactive digital workbooks and 2 pre-recorded workshops:

  • an overview and step-by-step guidance for the transformational process known as Symbolic Transformation
  • an introduction to the phenomenon of Resilience, Resilience and Yoga, and Resilience and Art
  • mindfulness activity prompts
  • creative autobiographical writing activity
  • guided mark-making, intention setting, and creation of relationship symbols
  • experiential reflection
  • sections for typing or handwriting your answers, recording your thoughts and ideas, and tracking your progress

Have you ever considered the role that resilience plays in your life? Would you like to have a greater capacity to bounce back after set-backs? Did you know that somatic practices and creative processes can activate greater mental and emotional strength? Would you like to learn meditative drawing techniques to guide your artistic practice?

This package takes you on a journey that explores the phenomenon of Resilience, a key strength in the Chariot Pathway, and includes:

M+P Resilience Workbook
This workbook provides an introduction to the 4-phase transformational method known as Symbolic Transformation. You will be guided through a process that includes somatic practices, creative writing, and exploration through form as you develop an authentic connection and understanding of the role that resilience plays in your life. 

Resilience and Yoga Workbook
This workbook provides an introduction to the Mindful + Pratique methodology, Symbolic Transformation, with an emphasis on the CONNECT phase. A selection of yoga poses engages you in experiential contemplation as you challenge your past, present, and future perceptions of your Self and your current understanding of resilience. This workshop is designed for individuals that are interested in yoga and wellness, and/or interested in exploring the intersection of psychology and somatic practices to improve overall well-being.

Resilience and Pre-Recorded Yoga Workshop
This video yoga workshop will lead you through a selection of yoga poses to engage you in activating resilience toward one’s Self and others as you synchronize your mind and body. Through a yoga practice you will learn to challenge yourself as you develop physical and emotional strength that will ripple into all areas of your life. Through the art of Yoga and slowing down the mind, you connect back to the true essence of who we are - connecting mind, body, and soul. You will foster a mindset that brings balance and confidence to manage the chaos of life. 

Art and Resilience Workbook: Painting with Scissors
This exclusive CREATE workbook provides an introduction to the Mindful + Pratique methodology, Symbolic Transformation, with an emphasis on creating compositions from cut pieces of painted paper. You will learn unique assemblage and visual techniques to support your art-making process as you reflect on notions of resilience. This workbook is designed for individuals who are interested in strengthening and developing their own voice as an artist and anyone who wishes to develop skills to unlock creative expression and intuition.  

Art and Resilience Pre-Recorded Creativity Workshop: Painting with Scissors
This video art workshop will lead you through exploring the relationships between shapes and colors. The culmination of the video workshop will be the creation of a finished piece, incorporating the practices learned. The video workshop’s focus on painting with scissors will teach you how to consider color interaction, negative space, and how to push the boundaries with shape. You will participate in a mindfulness practice to help you connect and allow your mind to rest. This will help you to accept your emotional and physical sensations and focus on the present. Working independently, you will strengthen skills in confidence and creative intuition, while developing your own method of this unique approach to art-making to compose the visual space.