Should We Teach Yoga in Schools?

by | Feb 20, 2022


Yoga in the School Systems


Did you know that some schools actually introduce yoga into their curriculum? The main problem is that more schools aren’t doing this. In a school environment, students are typically surrounded with all sorts of stress, but they are not usually taught tools to work through these big emotions. Having a yoga curriculum for schools would be so beneficial for students everywhere. 

Imagine a world where kids had mindful techniques to use whenever they were overwhelmed. Imagine if you had had these techniques when in school. 

From deep breathing exercises to meditation to yogic movements, having a way to work through big emotions mindfully would be so helpful for our young population. The benefits of yoga in schools would be endless.


Yoga Instead of Punishment


What if we offered yogis techniques instead of punishment? What if, instead of sending kids to the principal’s office when they acted out, we helped them work through their feelings?

What if kids were allowed to have a moment to reset and breathe deeply during anger or anxiety?

The problem is that many of us grew up thinking we weren’t allowed to have negative emotions. This often resulted in feeling lonely as adults, isolated, and left to deal with everything on our own.

What if feeling our emotions in a healthy way was encouraged? What if we learned ways to move our bodies, use deep breathing, have meditation techniques, and stay mindfully present throughout the day?

How would your life be different if you had these options?

Can you see why yoga in the school system would be beneficial?

If our teachers were properly trained to teach yogic techniques to kids, the world would be a completely different place. Some studies have even shown a reduced amount of violence in schools when introducing yoga techniques. This is huge, and leads us to wonder why more schools aren’t doing this!

You can make a difference. You can introduce yoga to schools and encourage more mindfulness in curriculums everywhere.


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