The Role of Somatic Movement in Fostering Strong Character

by | Aug 4, 2021


It’s been known for a long time that certain movements help with the release of emotions, but more recent studies have shown that somatic movement has been linked to building character strengths. Some of these include perseverance, self-regulation, and zest. Fostering these character strengths from a young age sets us in good stead to tackle the challenges that await each and every one of us as we journey through our lives. 


How We Can Improve Our Character Through Somatic Movement

As I mentioned before, somatic movement helps us to process our emotions. Releasing these emotions allows us to live more freely in the moment, without the weight of the past on our shoulders. 

It also builds persistence and teaches us to keep pushing toward a goal, despite obstacles in the path and difficulties along the way. For instance, if our goal is flexibility, yoga teaches us that despite the discomfort of the present moment, if we keep going and continue our yoga practice regularly, we can achieve a more flexible body.

We can build self-regulation by becoming more self-controlled through our regular practice of yoga. This makes us more disciplined individuals. 

Somatic movement makes us more enthusiastic about our approach to daily tasks. After taking part in our yoga practice we feel full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead. It reinvigorates our zest for life. 


How to Get Started on Your Yoga Journey

Now that you know just how many benefits there are to somatic movement, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll get started on your journey. The best way to do this is through regular yoga practice. Although yoga can easily be done by yourself, to start off with it often helps to have instruction. This way you have a good idea of how each movement is supposed to be performed. 

We provide yoga workshops for youth, beginners, as well as experienced yogis. Each of our yoga workshops is tied to a specific character strength that you want to work on. This makes it easier to choose which workshop is going to be right for you. Here are a few that you can explore: 



Fostering a Strong “Self” Through Yoga 

Somatic movement and yoga in particular help you to foster different character strengths as we mentioned above. Although persistence, self-regulation, and zest are the more obvious choices, you can build your character in so many ways. 

Explore our workshops to find the right character-building online classes for you to take your self-improvement to the next level.  What are you waiting for? A stronger you is just a few steps away.



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