Tips for Teaching Kids Yoga

by | Jan 9, 2022

Kids Yoga


Teaching yoga to kids can be a fun and rewarding process! If you have ever wondered how to teach yoga to children, this is the blog for you.

Kids need mindfulness. They need movement and the freedom to be able to be themselves. Sometimes, they need to be loud, and they need the space to do so.

Many understand the importance of yoga for children, but they may not know how to teach yoga to kids. Whether you are a parent, an educator, or even a babysitter, understanding the basics of how to teach a kids yoga class can open up so many opportunities for learning and self- expression


How to Teach Kids Yoga


When teaching yoga to kids, there should be no expectations that they must sit still and in silence like an adult’s yoga class. When you practice yoga, you are probably used to calming music and quiet.

For kids, yoga allows them to have the chance to move around and to express themselves. 

Each yoga pose comes from observing nature and everyday objects. With kids, you can create stories with these poses, or even read a book to them and matching the poses to what you are reading.

For example, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss is a great book to match poses to. With so many animal poses in yoga, you can simply match them to the animals in the book. Then, allow kids to make animal sounds and let themselves be silly. 

You might also try using music. Play a popular song that children like and use poses that go with the song. For example, you might sing Baby Shark while doing a shark pose (also known as alligator pose).

When it comes to meditation, have children sit or lay down with their eyes closed, and describe a beautiful scene to them. Then, ask them what they see. They can either tell you during the meditation or after, and this is a great way to encourage creativity. 

You might also try walking meditation with kids where they notice each movement and every time their feet touch the ground.

These are just some of the many tips for how to teach kids yoga.

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