Mindful + Pratique | Who Are We & What Do We Do? 

by | Jun 4, 2021

Mindful + Pratique combines a collection of approaches for overall wellbeing, to foster resilience and joy in those who choose to journey with us. We don’t just want to teach our audience, we want them to transform with us in our exploration of the self. 

Our mission is to create positive change in individuals, as well as on a collective level. We like to refer to our approach to wellbeing as a transdisciplinary approach that draws from three different domains of knowledge. 

  • Mindfulness – a mental state in which you are conscious or aware of the present moment.
  • Positive psychology – a branch of psychology that focuses on the behaviors and disciplines that are needed for an individual not just to survive, but to thrive, and create a meaningful life.
  •  Expressive arts – a combination of art forms that allow for creative expression: writing, music, movement of the body, and visual arts.

We combine these practices in our workshops to dive deep within ourselves and find out who we are in our most natural state. These practices connect our mind, body, and soul in a cyclical process. 

First, we begin by connecting with ourselves through somatic mindfulness. We then reflect on our discoveries and experiences during the connection phase; this is often driven by creative writing prompts. Creating comes next, which involves art-making as an expression of the connection and reflection phase. We then focus on becoming, which brings the cyclical practice to completion. Each phase of this cycle informs the next, making it a more integrated and holistic approach to creativity and well-being..

Mindful + Pratique Offerings

Our main offerings are 90-minute long online workshops held via Zoom that exist in four different categories:

  1. Connect Workshops – Our Connect workshops are created to help our audience connect on a deeper level with themselves through yoga, which is a grounding practice. Regular yoga practice helps to relax the mind, connect with the body, relieve stress, and enhance the body’s natural energy.
  2. Create Workshops – The Create workshops are focused on creating experimental or meditative art and music as an expression of the individual. These visual art workshops are aimed at letting our audience freely express their creative selves, and work as a therapeutic outlet. 
  3. M + P Workshops – The M + P Workshops are an offering that teaches our audience qualities like resilience and empathy in order to foster a healthier outlook and more meaningful life. 
  4. M + P Junior – M + P Junior Workshops focus on connection through yoga for kids. If children learn to connect with themselves and foster a sense of identity from a young age, they’re more likely to grow up to be balanced, resilient, and joyful individuals. 

Some of our other offerings include workbooks and videos for those who can’t attend our online workshops. 

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We look forward to our journey with you, we have a feeling it’s only just begun!